Who are you?

Well, you know when you’re driving home alone in the dark?
Well when you see what looks like a fox in the distance, and it rushes off before you can get a good look, that’s me.
But when your biro runs out and you make a barely visible trough in the paper, that ghost-line is not me. I’m

essentially the possible fox.
Yep. Got it. The maybe fox.
The shy possible fox, with an ear for engines.
Okay. And what am I?
You are an incorrect answer in an exam that is subsequently marked incorrectly as correct. That marker’s error tips the

balance of the grade up a notch to an "A" which spurs that student onto a life rich with confidence. That self-belief is
expressed chiefly through acts of extravagant romance to a previously depressed, lonely person.

Tiny Finger Point