A green square tries to hop across a busy road.
Trucks hurtling by are simple grey rectangles.
Inside one truck the gear-stick jams and has to be wiggled free.
The driver tuts.
He really shouldn’t tut.
I tut his tut.
He tuts my tut.
A slight pause.
Tension mounts.
We start tutting back and forth,grandiose tuts.
The tuts crisscross, chatter-boxing each other until the honking of the horn.

The Honking of the Horn:

The honking of the horn happens because the green square darts out 4 spaces, left 2 then back 1.
Squeamish people watching the square slop dollops of squeamishness on paper plates.
The paper plates are spinning on sticks.
A studio audience watch the plates spinning, mesmerised.
The plates slow and wobble.
Once over the road, the green square then has to cross a river, via logs.
Brown rectangles, the logs.
Water sloshes underwater.
Seaweed lollops unguessably in gulpless currents.
One sea-weed is tied into a lovely bow by the twisting squirts.
Fish gather around the bow and think about swimming through.

Tiny Finger Point