Two Dinosaurs

Two dinosaurs are dropping through the air.
They’ve been falling for about six months.
People found it hard to believe at first.
One of the dinosaurs is dressed as Spiderman.
A theory explaining the costume has two spelling mistakes.
Kitten and cog.
It’s hard to ignore those two errors.
They severely compromise the theory’s clout.
People finally started to accept the situation when the sky began to whistle.
The sky whistle gets deeper every second.
Lorries dash by full of earplugs.
Preparations for the landings are going full steam ahead.
Every child has pledged to unfold a trampoline inside a bouncy castle.
Mattresses have been shipped in on ships shipped in.
Cyclists swerve around puddles.
An inflatable paddling pool floats out at sea.
Cub scouts are relentlessly fluffing up pillows which are being jogged in and out.
Badges for pillow fluffing excellence are sewn on jumper arms during tea breaks.
Girl guides are practising archery in case the dinosaurs land hungry.
Buses are covered in toy arrows with red suckers.
Bus passengers are familiar with sucking thud thud thuds.
Poison arrows are on standby, taped to lampposts.
Windscreen wipers have also been dipped in poison, in case of an arrow shortage.
Telescopes come with free jojoba massage oil.
Through the telescopes we can see an aeroplane circling around the dinosaurs.
The passengers take it in turns to shout at them on a megaphone.
Some choose to croon.
I mean, really croon.
Really, really croon.
Suitcases are thrown at the dinosaurs.
They tend to open upon impact.
Socks, shirts and skirts.
Tiny Finger Point