Fruit, meat, sparrows or sprouts.

Twenty miles away, sprouts roll around you in a perfect circle.
Do you know that this is happening?
They’ve been circling since you were conceived.
First we thought that they were going around your mother.
The sprouts move anticlockwise, although one has been spotted going clockwise.
That could’ve been a dropped sprout, nothing to do with it, just rolling down a hill.
The general consensus is that there are six sprouts all in all.
Reports of a seventh sprout have been made by a few young observers.
Little boys.
One man claims there are fifty sprouts.
He’s fairly aggressive about that number.
His day-to-day lifestyle choices hinder his clout.
He has very colourful, disturbing theories about why the sprouts circle you.
I advise you to steer-clear of this individual.
Drive off in the opposite direction if at all possible.

I found out that you were going on holiday and followed you to the airport.
I've got footage of the sprouts moving close, circling your aeroplane, then taking off with it.
I’ve no idea how the vegetables get airborne.
They can also swim, hurdle, knit and throw shot putt.

I’ve often wished that something would circle me too.
It needn’t be sprouts, it could be anything, you name it.
They don’t have to roll either, they could just drag.
An old shoe dragging slowly around me.
Then I could approach you and say we had something in common, get a chat going.
We could talk about anything, the sprouts, or something else.
We don't need to focus on greens.
I could chat about fruit.
Or meat.
Or anything.

Tiny Finger Point