The collected humiliations of any given life are normally scattered
over the years, puncturing confidence at strategic moments, preserving
an attractive modesty in us all. This subtle spread isn’t always properly
maintained. A lifetime of humiliations can happen back to back, over
the course of two or three days. This brings the victim to their knees,
however strong. If you’re going through this kind of irregularity I can
assure you, I've studied the phenomenon, and the most delicious
things are just around the corner, waiting to pounce and lick. Collected
humiliation is always followed by the complete works of joy.
Expect decades of mesmerizing enchantment. Thunderingly vigorous,
bafflingly beautiful love stretching infinitely onwards. But before that
I’m sorry to say, you will look like a bit of an arsehole for a while.

Tiny Finger Point