There’s a planet somewhere where only one snowflake has ever landed.
You’re talking bollocks again.
And there’s another place where a single snowflake falls once every ten thousand years.
Why do you do this?
All the people are desperate to catch it, to feel special. Chosen.
Just shut your mouth for two minutes please.
There are asteroids out there as well which have never collided with anything.
Right, leave it there, I’ve got a headache and...
Infinitely moving, yet forever destined to miss everything.
...Are you trying to tell me you’ve never touched anyone?
...Do you want to touch me?
Really? Because...
No, I want you to touch me.
Ok... Where?
...Could you just hug me for a minute?
I’ll hug you as long as you want me to my lovely little paperclip.
Thank you.
Tiny Finger Point