I couldn’t get to sleep last night so I got up and started to
write the biography of the most boring friend I‘ve got (and
believe me, I’ve got lots of boring friends). I thought it’d
send me to sleep, but it turns out that he’s actually really
interesting. I couldn’t type fast enough, I was fascinated
as to what was coming next. He's just incredible. Then I
started to worry, I mean, did he really want me to know
about all of this stuff, this intensely personal stuff? I felt
a little bit like a stalker, but still, I couldn’t help myself.
I got so deep into the writing that I actually wrote on, past
what has happened to him so far. His future, the next thirty
years, well, it’s remarkable. He’s got a lot to look forward
to. Chapter 32, when that actually comes to pass, Jesus
Christ, he’ll be smiling for a long time to come. In fact I
mention the long smile in the chapter after that. Chapter 33.

Tiny Finger Point