What would you like to talk about? We’ve got an hour.
I don’t know.
What do you like talking about? What would be your ideal topic?
I'd be hard pushed to say.
Certainly not.
Food? Potatos?
No thanks. Sorry to be so choosey.
We could chat about tyres falling from the sky, small bouncing.
That's better. Maybe sparrows are flying through, swooping through the tyres as they bounce.
I could chat about that all day.
Let's talk about that then.
But I don't want love to have anything to do with the tyres.
Or the sparrows.
Nor the sparrows. Love is not implied.
Nor sex.
No. Or food.
Maybe we should whittle out all the fake symbols and side paths.
I agree. Then we’re sure to be talking about the same thing.
The tires don’t represent homesickness do they?
No chance.
And they aren’t meant to suggest freedom.
Nope. The sparrows are just sparrows.
Strictly sparrows.
And the tyres represent hope.
Yes, that sounds about right to me.
Ok, well, let the grand chat begin.

Tiny Finger Point