We’ve not got anything to talk about have we?
Oh god. It’s awful.
It’s not awful. We’ve just covered everything.
Should we talk about not having anything to talk about?
No. That’s desperate. We should just sit quietly.
I think I’d be embarrassed just sitting here.
Well that’s all we can do now. Sit in silence.
A dignified silence?
We’ve already talked about the different kinds of silences.
I know.
A dumpy silence, a Dixieland silence, a floodlit lollipopping silence, a...
Alright, I know.
We need to just shush.
I can't shush! How did we get to this stage?
Once we started talking about sport, it was obviously curtains.
Have we talked about curtains?!
Fucking hell!!!
Ok, ok, how would you describe them?!
They’re just bits of material!
What happens?!
You hang them in front of windows for privacy!
Yes! What colour are they?!
All kinds! Some have patterns on!
They keep the cold out!
They’re fucking great!
They go unappreciated!
It's not right! We should embrace them!
Sing to them!
Coo ditties!
Coo ditties!
Who invented them?!
I don’t know!
What colour are the ones in your living room?!
Green! A glittery green!
Oh this is glorious! We're talking!
Yes! I love you! I love curtains!
I love you and I love curtains too!!!
People have got curtains that open when they clap don't they?
Yes! I used to really want those!
Me too! Let's make some!
Let's do it!
Can you imagine clapping all the time?! It's lovely!
I know! A round of applause for the curtains please!
A standing ovation!

Tiny Finger Point