We’ve all got bits of our personalities we hush up.
Chunks we hide from everyone.
What kind of an infantile world is this?
It’s ludicrous.
These secrets, they’re holding us back from something wonderful.
Something miraculous.
I mean it.
If I was joking I’d say, oh, and by the way,
my secrets are that I’m actually a terrific singer,
a fine cook, and a sensational lover.
But no.
I really mean it.
And anyway those secrets aren’t funny enough to end on.
Basically because they’re true.
I really am a terrific singer.
And a fine cook.
A damn fine cook.
I'll cook you any dish you want.
Name it.
No problem, I’ll cook it.
You’ll love it.
And then, after that, whatever.
No pressure.

Tiny Finger Point