The first list:
All the things you won’t do.
Not just any old things.
Things you would’ve enjoyed.

It’s a depressing read.
Even just the first thing on there.
If you saw it, you’d be in denial.
No, no, I’ll do that!
I’m doing that next week!
With Terry.
Honestly, it’s all arranged!
It’s not arranged.
There is no Terry.
I’m sorry but that’s just the way the
cookie (your life) crumbles (crumbles).
Once you’ve chipmunked through that list I’ve got another.
All the people you won’t meet.
A few billion names. (Terry’s included)
It's a pretty boring list.
I added a colour guide.
The names in blue are the people you would’ve been good friends with.
Really interesting, funny people.
Lovely people.
They would’ve found you fascinating.
If you’d met them.
They’re out there now, but your paths just won’t cross.
Nothing can be done about it.
Some of them are really very sensitive.
They cry from time to time for what seems like no reason.
They don’t understand it themselves.
They just think there’s something wrong with them.
They keep those tears to themselves.
After blue it's red ink.
The red names are the people you would’ve fallen in love with.
If you’d bumped into them.
And when I say love, I’m not going by the common definition.
I mean my definition.
My own private definition.
There are pages and pages of red names.
Gallons and gallons of cherry ink.
A little asterisk by the name means love at first sight.
Two means love at first sight for both of you.
What else?
God, there's loads.
I'd hate to bore you.
I'm boring myself.
I should skip through some.
There's yellow, silver, gold, black.
Italic names are all the people who would've written a song for you.
Using your name as the title.
Some names have their own roaming spotlight.
They're all the people you would’ve happily married.
Purple are people who would've made you feel uncomfortable.
Really, desperately uncomfortable.
They would've crushed your confidence.
Lovely to see them on this list.
Kiss those names.
And it goes on and on.
Just names.
Then finally, there’s the third list.
Probably the most important list of all.
This week’s shopping.
Which, if you enjoyed this story should include:
A reasonably expensive gift for me.
Something that's probably out of your price range.
But that you couldn't resist.
Something that's perfect for me.
I will accept gift vouchers.

Tiny Finger Point