same age sculptures

This, and other projects Lenka and I have done are
in June's issue of Artist's Newsletter:

Same Age Sculptures, 2008, a series of sculptures made
when the artists were the exact same age. Lenka Clayton
and Michael Crowe produced them all blindfolded, in order
to remove aesthetic anxiety, and to emphasize elements
of surprise and play. Michael, being older by 34 days made
one a day, for 34 days. Then Lenka began, and 34 days/
sculptures later her first piece was coupled with Michael's
first piece, second with second, and so on. They explain:
"Age is frequently used to compare what two people have
accomplished, creating a winner and a loser. This work gently
throttles that belittling system. The most interesting pair of
sculptures will be cast in bronze."

Titles from pairs above:

1. Dug hole and lightbulb.
2. Monument to acrobat troupe and rose.
3. Spilt tea and yodelling.
4. Polar bear balancing fish on nose (metaphor for global warming) and little car.
5. Human on mountain and game of noughts and crosses.
6. Cat and collar and pancake.
7. Ripped up love letter and fear.
8. Lit candle and reclining Saint Sebastian.
9. A camel is a horse designed by committee and Stone Henge.
10. Hamburger with sesame seeds and Arthur Craven leaving Mexico in a small boat watched by Mina Loy.
11. Pissing cat and Alberto Giacometti dancing to Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal.
12. Small crushed horse and a drawing pin.
13. George Machiunas in hospital and banana skin.

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