Update: All ten places taken now, sorry!

My next ten pieces require participation.
If you’d like to help and take part,
I want you to email me your phone number.
(outside the UK is fine)
I’ll email the first ten to respond a short script in return and
if you like your role
we’ll arrange a time for me to call that suits you.
My hello will be straight into the first line of the script.
There won’t be any small talk outside the scripted conversation.
Any deviation from the script and I’ll hang up.
Obviously you can read your lines any way you fancy,
but I’d like it to be fairly natural, casual.
I’ll be reading my part badly, but only because I can’t act.
I’ll record each call and put the results on here.
I won’t use the phone numbers in any other way.
It’s safe, non-toxic fun.


Tiny Finger Point